Expand your knowledge of aligner therapy with our comprehensive e-learning, consisting of 6 interesting modules and a final exam. After successful completion of the e-learning modules and a positive evaluation, you will receive a certificate demonstrating your knowledge of orthodontic practices and TrioClear™ treatments.

Basic Module: Basics of Orthodontics

Refresh your knowledge with this module, laying a strong foundation for orthodontic skills.

Module 1: Case Selection and Assessment

Master the art of case selection and effective documentation of orthodontic treatments.

Module 2: Steps for TrioClear™ Case Submission

Learn the steps for case submitting a TrioClear™ case and perfect your treatment approach.

Module 3: Placing Aligners and Follow-up Consultations

Gain insights into the precise steps for correctly placing aligners and conducting effective follow-up consultations. What should you tell during the consultations?

Module 4: Troubleshooting During Treatment

Develop skills to expertly address any challenges that may arise during the treatment process.

Module 5: Final Steps, Refinements + Retention

Hone your expertise with the final treatment trajectories and retention procedures.

Assessment: Test Your Expertise and Earn Recognition!

Successfully complete the assessment, and you’ll not only gain invaluable knowledge but also earn a certificate, proving your proficiency in orthodontics and TrioClear™ treatments. Ready to showcase your expertise?

This e-learning provides an in-depth understanding of orthodontic practices, preparing you for success in the TrioClear™ treatment world.

Enjoy the learning journey and best of luck in reaching new heights in orthodontic excellence!

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Case reports

Explore our Reports to learn about the experiences from professionals with TrioClear™ aligners. These reports provide insight into treatment with our aligner system. It gives a realistic impression of the effectiveness and benefits of TrioClear™ aligners.

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