Treatment plan overview 3D simulation

The TrioClear™ experts will analyze each of your submitted cases carefully to provide you with a detailed plan that helps you to achieve the desired smile and end result. Each step of the plan will be visible in our iDesign simulation to help you and your patient understand the progress and results of the whole treatment process.

Our Trio iDesign 3D simulation software allows this clear visualization of the changing occlusion from different viewing angles and stages. Furthermore, each treatment simulation design has an external link for sharing with other colleagues or patients. The simulation software is also available on a mobile phone version for easy and convenient access.

TrioClear™ iDesign feature: Superimposition

The Superimpose icon activates the feature used to compare any step to the starting position of treatment. This tool superimposes the dentition as it was at the start of treatment, over any step that you select. You’ll be able to see the difference in the position of each tooth as it is moved according to the designed staging in the Treatment Setup. This feature can be used by you to evaluate whether the designed movements are acceptable according to your treatment goals for the patient.

TrioClear™ iDesign feature: Staging overview

This will show an animation of the tooth movement from the initial malocclusion into the final occlusion. At the same time, the Staging tab will show the teeth that are moving at every stage. It shows:

• Which tooth moves at which stages.
• When attachments need to be placed/removed.
• When IPR is programmed.

TrioClear™ iDesign feature: Bolton Analysis

The Bolton Analysis provides reference information pertaining to tooth size discrepancy that is useful for planning how to address tooth interdigitation and arch coordination.

Note: that the analysis is not automatically integrated into the treatment planning setup protocol but is provided for your assessment. Please use your clinical judgment to interpret and apply the Bolton Analysis when reviewing the iDesign plan and making modications.

TrioClear™ iDesign feature: Tooth movement table

Use the table icon to view a tooth movement chart for the case. The tooth movement chart will show where and what movements are planned to occur for that step.

TrioClear™ iDesign feature: 3D Modification

The Modify option presents two available tools for modifying the Treatment Setup.
The types of movements you can perform are:

• Extrusion/Intrusion
• Translation buccally or lingually
• Translation mesially or distally
• Tipping
• Torquing
• Rotation

TrioClear™ iDesign feature: Dual window comparison

With this icon you can visualize the before and after situation. We see this tool as a perfect motivational tool to convince your patient to say yes to the treatment!

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