Treatment Process

1. Registration

To get started, click on the button become a provider on this website. You will receive an invitation than for our introduction session, followed by the login for our submission platform and our TrioClear Iphone app.

2. Starting up a new case

After this introduction session you can start uploading a first case.

Our system requires filling in a questionnaire, uploading and intra-orale scan or an impression, clinical photo's and a X-ray.

3. Digitization & Treatment Plan

After receipt of the records ,your case is being monitored by our clinical team. The team will update you as soon as your treatment is ready to review on the platform ( 4 days). After approval (or modification)the production of the aligners will start.

4. Shipping

After finalizing the proposal, we will begin manufacturing your patient’s TrioClear kit. Production time is extremely efficient and quick. The kit will be shipped directly to your office.

5. Monitor your treatment

Please make sure to arrange appointments with your patients regularly to follow up the treatment. We suggest scheduling an appointment every month.

6. Protection of the treatment

Make sure all your work and the money on the treatment of the patient will last forever. Therefore advise your patient a retainer.

Make your patients smile