Introduction webinars

TrioClear™ has been developed with the main goal of improving the dentist's workflow in addition to predictable and comfortable movements of the teeth for a perfect end result. With this system the treatment becomes much more efficient and user-friendly. It is therefore a win-win situation for your patient, but also for your business operations.

During this presentation, our orthodontist Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee will explain the many benefits of TrioClear . She will also highlight why this treatment option should no longer be missing in your practice in 2023! She will also provide you advice on how you can easily and quickly start this treatment in your practice.

Certification course dentist

You have already gained some experience with aligner treatments and are open to more in-depth and/or more difficult indications. How do you solve these minor or major problems in the best possible way, where are the limitations for you as a dentist, but above all: what else can Marie-Pierre with her experience as an orthodontist give you in order to identify expected problems at an early stage.

Certification for Assistents

In most of our TrioClear™ treatment practices, we see that the assistant plays an important role in an efficient workflow for the practice. In most cases, the assistant also does the patient education. Time-saving for you and a nice varied addition to the assistant's daily work.

During this course, our TrioClear™ specialists will share all their knowledge with your assistant. How do you identify a need in the patient? How do you give the correct and complete information? How do you monitor a proper treatment regimen and encourage the patient to wear the aligners 22 hours a day? In addition to these questions, we will also discuss in detail the workflow of TrioClear™. Which pictures should be taken and why? How to make optimal use of IDesign and the TrioClear™ platform?

Make your patients smile